CyberSTAR Helpdesk

What is the CyberSTAR Helpdesk?

We help civil society groups and individuals to stay safe online. To do so, we provide free-of-charge technical support, expert guidance, and practical resources to civil society, including journalists, media organizations, and community and women’s groups. We also provide rapid-response emergency assistance in cases where data is breached, or devices or accounts compromised.

Contact Us

Questions and inquiries are accepted 24/7. We operate in English and Russian. We can also provide limited support in Arabic, Tajik, and Uzbek.

Regular or PGP Email: [email protected]
PGP Public Key: 0x48DBF4C54E029DF5-pub
PGP Public Key Fingerprint: 4B62 67F0 D337 20F2 3C59 3A2C 48DB F4C5 4E02 9DF5
Signal / Whatsapp: +44 7421012110

Where We Work

Our priority is to help individuals and groups from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. We may also be able to help with requests for assistance from elsewhere.