About CyberSTAR

Cover Illustration for the About page.

Digital safety is a broad term that describes a great many things at once. The CyberSTAR framework makes it easier for small organizations and individuals to understand, learn about and manage digital safety by organizing it around six thematic areas. These include Digital Risks, Digital Identity, Passwords, Devices, Data, and Conversations. Follow along to protect yourself from cybercriminals and data loss.

This website is run by The SecDev Foundation, a Canada-based not-for-profit organization that helps communities globally to pursue digital opportunity, safety and citizenship. As one of the Foundation’s flagship projects, the CyberSTAR project helps civil society organizations and their staff in the Eurasian region to protect their operations, information, communications and beneficiaries from cybersecurity breaches and routine data loss.

If you are part of an organization that operates in the Eurasian region and needs digital safety assistance, check out this site for more information on how to get help. If your job involves teaching any aspect of digital security, stay tuned as we are building a platform for all of our tried and perfected digital safety teaching resources.